Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thank You, John Carpenter.

      Growing up, one of my favorite holidays was Halloween. I used to love being able to dress up and pretend that I was someone or something else (it was just the actress in me). Obviously my favorite part of the holiday, was, of course, the candy. But that's not what this post is about. 
       My least favorite part of Halloween, was getting scared. I grew up with two older brothers so you can see where this is going...You'd think they would be the ones who would perpetually torment me, but ironically, it was neither. My dad absolutely loved to watch scary movies. Anything scary. From the time I was very young there was always something along the lines of a horror or suspense movie playing, so you'd think I'd be accustomed. But the truth was, I was terrified. 

       When I was about 5 or 6 years old, I remember my family watching a movie titled, Halloween. 

I remember the excitement I felt - I mean it was about my favorite holiday right? How could have I been more wrong. Bottom line to this - I shouldn't have been watching the movie. My parents were usually really good about taking me to another room while they watched. But my curiosity was so great, I believe my dad let me watch, in hopes I would get scared and be through with it. How right was he. I was absolutely scared. Terrified. Traumatized. What made matters worse was the teasing that I received after the fact. 

My dad loved me. Loves me. But he did have a tendency to tease - a lot. He started small - "Don't do that otherwise Michael will come and get you." or "You don't want Michael to come visit you, do you?" or my least favorite "Don't go down the hallway, Michael might be waiting." He even went and tapped on my window, and claimed it was Michael. 

I spent too much of my young life absolutely terrified of a man in mask. THAT DIDN'T EXSIST! 

I had tried over the next few years to watch and re-watch the movie. To no avail. Still terrified. 

Fast forward 10years. I was doing a play and before a performance, we were all in the green room preparing and one of the actors decided to get on the piano and play a few songs. Little did I know the events that would follow. *Mind you - NO ONE knew how terrified Halloween had made me.

A few moments later the lights went out and the haunting melody started to play. I absolutely was beside myself. I felt my chest tighten and I literally started to feel light headed. I was in shock. Was he  really playing the Halloween theme? Although it ended soon, it didn't stop me from curling up in a corner, arms wrapped around my knees. I was embarrassed. Terrified. Angry. I hated how something could make me feel so panicked.  

Fast forward another 5 years.
I was working at a book store, and still having issues. I just couldn't seem to shake this. 
I went home one day and decided what the hell. My husband (boyfriend at the time) and I sat and watched the movie and the special features. And then it hit me. It wasn't the movie that I found scary.                

             NOT Michael Myers - as this was the man in the mask  

But the score. See, we muted the movie, and continued to watch for just a moment, and I realized what was truly scaring me. I was absolutely stunned. I couldn't believe that for all of those years I terrified by a goofy looking guy in a painted William Shatner mask and by music. I felt like an ass.

Fast forward once more.

Today, Halloween is by far one of my favorite horror films of all time. I have watched, re-watched and watched again this classic gem of a film. And went from utter petrification to, extreme love, and respect for this film, script, cast and of course the excellent score written by the amazing John Carpenter.

Currently I'm writing my first novel, which just happens to be a thriller. Like some authors that I know, I have compiled a playlist to listen to while I write. The "Halloween - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" is on the top of my list.

Thank You, John Carpenter.
I know you'll never see this, but your creation is held in high regard.


  1. That's awesome! To this day, I'm still petrified of JAWS and Willow. Absolutely won't even look at the cover art of Willow. I have to talk myself out of my fear so I'll even swim in any body of water. It's pathetic.
    I'm glad you were able to get over your fear and enjoy the movie. I didn't see it until I was in my late teens and it still scared me a bit, so I can imagine how much it scared you as a child.

  2. Thanks Jean. I was literally traumatized. No joke. But like I said, it has become an all time fave of mine and I watch it all the time. Jaws never scared me, but I'll have to check out Willow.

  3. You're so awesome! John Carpenter may not read this blog post but one day he will read your book....and who knows? ;)

  4. Music can definitely inspire you...sometimes inspire the crap being scared out of you too. One of the things I like most about Carpenter is that, with a few exceptions, writes his own film scores. His music complements his vision and leaves a lasting impression...obviously! Good piece, kiddo!