Saturday, January 14, 2012


So, I've essentially become non existent in the blogging world as of late. Not intentionally I assure you, but when you manage a bakery during the holidays, you really don't have time for anything else. With the recent passing of Turkey Day, Christmas and New Years,  I feel like time is moving so fast and I'm standing still. 

Being non existent in the blog world, doesn't mean I've been productively writing either. I'm only 12 pages into my novel, which at this point, seems to have a changing title every 30 minutes. And the cover???? Well that is a ridiculous story in itself.  Let's just say, that after careful thought and consideration, I now own Photoshop and will be doing my own artwork for book covers and posters in the future. 

I have started outlining for another project I'm working on, and I am quite excited about it! It wasn't a planned project, the idea was actually born out of frustration and anger, but it does seem to be shaping up.


So it's now 2012....another year gone and I guess it's time I figure out my resolutions for the year....

1. get my book finished! either of them, both of them...I'd just like to publish something this year.
2. move! this is a biggie as the husband and I detest where we live with a passion. mostly it's the neighbors, but its the city as well. I'd just like to move and have my own office... =) make me super happy.
3. blog more. i really need to keep up, i hate being off the radar just to pop in every once in a blue moon. 

i could add soooo many more to this list but i think it would take me all year just to write this post!

anywho.... have a good year all!

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